We create free, bilingual, open-source educational children’s resources to make information more digestible and accessible for kids globally.

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Our Focus Areas 

Our work spans and intersects with multiple focus areas, all connected to social justice issues.



Participatory Budgeting


Democratic Processes


Supply Chains




Our Methodology

Our resources are built from children’s own questions and ideas as we aim to center children's voices from beginning to end.

Our work is grounded in participatory design methodologies, as we believe that giving children a seat at the design table creates the most accessible resources for children. Within our own design practice, as illustrators and aspiring children's book authors, we have seen time and time again how children's resources are being built without any input from children. We see this as a flawed design process as it excludes and devalues children’s knowledge.


Giving Kids a Seat at the Table

Our first resource aimed at filling in a gap of educational resources answering questions about Covid-19 when the pandemic first hit. We interviewed 14 children in 7 different countries and asked them what questions they had about the virus, as well as how they were experiencing quarantine. We then, answered their questions in a coloring book format and shipped the book back to every child we connected with for free.

Hover over the images below to discover what some of the children asked us!

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Valentina, 5 yrs. old

“I want to know how the Coronavirus was created and why it affects people and not animals.”


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Paulino, 5 yrs. old

“Is the coronavirus the king of viruses?
Because it has a crown ...
Why does it have red spikes? They serve to stick to the skin of the hands,
I think ..."


Project - Sketch 1_8.jpg

Johanna, 7 yrs. old

“When will we finally be able to play with the other children again? At least the
neighbors kids?”


Project - Sketch 1_11.jpg

Lucas, 8 yrs. old

“What color is
the coronavirus?”


Learn more about our work!

Parsons School of Design Strategies presents:
SDS Voices, Conversation 02.


Ana Holschuh and Julie Vantrease, co-creators of Asked by Kids, discuss how children's voices are centered from beginning to end, and give a brief overview of the journey and origin story of the project.

SDS Voices is a series of ongoing conversations related to the programs and themes of the School of Design Strategies (SDS) at Parsons. Stay tuned for future talks from our friends in SDS!

What Our Partners Say About Us


Asked by Kids content is informative, thoughtfully designed, and it's always a pleasure to collaborate. I have a very fun update, your voting worksheet, Ana the Banana book, and Spooly Denim book have all been distributed to 6 WIN sites throughout NYC. One site in Queens, one site in Manhattan, one site in the Bronx, and three sites throughout Brooklyn.
A total of 70 children have received each of your materials!

Tiffany Ramos,
Artists Striving to End Poverty